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  • Do all Coatings include Paint Corrections?
    All of our Coatings include a SINGLE STAGE Paint Correction, and even "brand new" vehicle's come with paint defects from factory. We also offer TWO or MultiStage Paint Corrections for older and more heavily defected vehicles, quoted upon free inspection.
  • What if i dont want a Paint Correction done to my Vehicle Prior to a Ceramic or Graphene Coating?
    Yes it can be done at a more affordable price but we will not recommend it. We will not offer warranty for the product durability as the surface is not prepared properly. A Paint correction prior to a coating will only ADD Gloss to the paint to make your vehicle EXTRA Glossy!
  • Should i get a Ceramic or Graphene Self Healing Coating?
    They are both Amazing Products and will both Protect Your Paint to a certain degree. The Kraken Graphene Self Healing Coating will self repair a degree of swirls and light scratches where as the Gtechniq Ceramic Coating will not. For you to decide which one is more suitable for you, factors to consider would be the colour and amount of usage the vehicle will take. We are also able to give you an honest opinion catered to your needs without bias @ 0450233923 or Send Through a Contact Form!
  • What Are The Benifits Of Detailing?
    Detailing is a form of Luxury Auto Care, Restoring and Disinfecting your vehicle back to its best conditions. The Main Benifits of Detailing is our Care for the Vehicle and Quality of Work we produce.
  • How Long Does It Take?
    It takes us approx 4-5 hrs to detail a single vehicle, it is a very time consuming process with very high attention to detail.
  • What if i dont want the "Premium Detail Package" ?
    Sure! We offer Custom Detailing Packages and Services, However please do note that we may also decline some requests. Custom Jobs will be quoted by Hourly, and an estimate on the time taken to do the work.
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