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Graphene Self Healing Coating

Graphene by Kraken, a revolutionary carbon allotrope, has opened the door to a new era in materials science. With its remarkable properties—hexagonal structure, transparency, flexibility, diamond-like hardness, silver-beating conductivity, and adaptability to modification—it's a game-changer. In the automotive world, it's now harnessed as a self-healing paint protection, marking the next generation of vehicle care. This innovative product combines graphene with ceramic coating, delivering an extraordinary 10H hardness, resistance to chemicals, anti-static properties, and super hydrophobicity. It shields your car against scratches, enhances gloss, and guards against corrosion, all while reducing dirt adhesion. Plus, its crack-resistant, flexible nature ensures it adapts to your vehicle's every move. With a durability of at least 5 years, it's the ultimate body and windshield protection solution.

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